Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's Band: Kra

Hello Ladies and Gents. Well, in keeping with the theme going on here, since I got tickets to V-Rock Fest '09, I will share another band with you today that is going to be at this McAwesome event. Today's band is Kra, which I'll admit I know very little about, but here it goes. Kra (pronounced kura) fromed in 2001, releasing demo tapes and the like, and the following yer, sometime in Fall 2002 they were signed under the major jrock mother label PS Company. They are one of the oldest, if not the oldest PSC artists, and got their first wave of popularity with their single "Heart Balance" (2006). The members are Keiyuu on vocals, Mai on guitar, Yuhra on bass and our little blondie Yasuno on drums. The song I'm choosing to share with you today is one of their new songs, and a much less hard rock sound than you might expect. It is called "Amaoto wa Chopin no Shirabe."

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