Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Gazette's Invisible Wall

Hey there! Two posts in one day. Well, I just got my hands on the new Gazette vid, and while I'm not usually a crazy Gazette fanatic, I will admit that the new song is catchy, and they actually look quite amazing. I read that this new song actually made it to #2 on the mainstream Oricon charts, behind a Johnny's band, which we all know is quite a feat. Speaking of looking good now, Ruki, usually so crazy, looks quite kakkoii in this vid, and I can honestly say that he's the only Asian man I've found that can pull of light hair and blue eyes all in one go. And, the best news so far, they're dressing Uruha up like a man now, so it's okay that I find him attractive! Well, anyway, if you'd like to see what I'm babbling on about, you may be able to find the link up on youtube. I've embedded it about three times and they keep getting taken down, so I do apologize.

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