Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monochrome Jrock

This is just a little blurb, but have you ever noticed how much Jrockers like to use the word Monochrome in their lyrics? Alice Nine's 'White Prayer,' LM.C's 'Boys and Girls,' Acid Black Cherry's 'Monochrome Venus,' Girugamesh's 'Breakdown,' and I'm sure there are more. I mean, I know what monochrome means, but it seems odd that they use it so much. I mean, I know Shou's lyrics are all about the color, but not necessarily Girugamesh, etc. Very strange. It most hold more connotation to the Japanese culture than it does to ours.
Well anyway, in other news...
I just wanted to share a great Japanese/English Online Dictionary with everyone. It's the one I always use:
Also, I'm currently watching the dramas The Quiz Show 2, Oishii Proposal and am trying to finish up Love Shuffle. When I'm done with them, I will give you a report back on what I think (supposing you care). Well then, til my next post, I'll catch you cats later!

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  1. just think, you'll get to watch dramas as the air while you're over there! you'll have to tell us about all the good ones... no spoilers.