Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Housing Stuff

Hey there everyone! So, more info about homestaying. So my college sent me yet another application to fill out, this time from a company called JTB, which I ascertain is a company that specializes in sticking people with homestay families. The applicaiton asks about preferences, allergies, language proficiency levels, etc., which is pretty cool I guess. And of course, another application means another passport photo. For reference, if you plan on ever studying abroad, go ahead and make about 15 copies of your passport photo. You will need somewhere around that number for all the applications you fill out. I think I've run up to about 20 photos now. Anyways, so that's what's up. My Certificate of Eligibility is in the mail, and my Visa application is already filled out and waiting to be sent off. I have to admit, I've started the freaking out point now, since we've only got about a month and a half. I am really nervous, but I'm trying to stay positive. Catch y'all later!

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