Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today's Band: Kagrra,

Ok, so here is the skinny on today's band, which is, as the title implies, Kagrra,. (And yes, that comma is supposed to be there). Kagrra, is another band under the PSC label, but with a very different flare than their counterparts. Kagrra, has been together since sometime in 1998 (started by Isshi, Nao and Izumi), and was originally signed under a smaller label (Key something) under the name CROW, but then changed their name when they signed to PSC in 2000. What sets Kagrra, apart is their ability to fuse the traditional Japanese instruments/sound/style with the common traits of Visual Kei modern rock music. This tendency toward the traditional (sometimes wearing kimonos, often waving around fans, using the koto in their songs) has got them termed "Neo Japanesque," and is quite apparent in many of their music videos. The members of Kagrra, are: Isshi (Vocals), Akiya (Guitar), Shin (Guitar and Koto), Nao (Bass) and Izumi (Drums). And today's selection for you is a song that to me epitomizes the mix of rock and traditional music that is so characteristic of Kagrra: Utakata.

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