Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My First Post

今晩は、みんな! Hello everyone out there! You've probably accidentally stumbled on my site, but I hope you'll kick back and stay a while. I know it doesn't look like much yet, but I'm planning on adding and adding as the year goes on. Right now, I'm just about two months away from my departure for Japan. So far, let me put down what I've gone through to get where I am. After deciding for sure that I was going to be brave and go, I applied and was accepted into my university's study abroad program and began writing essays for scholarships. The next step was to get my passport, which thankfully I already had. Passports can take an extraordinary amount of time, so it's always best to get right on that, asap. I was then told to fill out the application for my chosen Japanese college, Tokyo Jogakkan College, and submit that and await acceptance. When that acceptance letter came from Japan, I was given a form called the Certificate for Eligibility to fill out. Basically, this form is for the college to take to the government to prove that you are going to be in their country for legitimate reasons, i.e. study. I have yet to recieve the completed form for this, but when I do I will be able to fill out the Visa form and get my Student Visa. My college also has particular International Student ID cards, overseas insurance, and emergency insurance I had to buy. So, for right now, what I'm waiting on is the Certificate to get my Visa, information about my homestay family and I need to fill out the classes I plan on taking (only 11 classes are offered in English). Well, enough business talk for now. This blog is also meant to be fun, not just informative, as I'm sure you'll see soon enough. I'm going to end up talking about Jrock and alice nine and dramas I've seen, so I hope you'll stay tuned in. Talk to you guys later!

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