Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So, I went to Shinjuku. I have to say, it was rather underwhelming. I didn't like it nearly so much as I like Shibuya, though it's probably at least four times the size. I'm probably not going to write much, because I didn't discover much that was particularly noteworthy except for knowing that there are some cool restaurants there somwhere. The highlight, however, was in fact going to Like An Edison, the mothership of Visual Kei CDs. It had the typical feel of a hidden indie shop, and the walls were covered with autographed pictures of bands. It was different than I'd imagined, but I loved it. Also, I discovered that Shinjuku station is freaking huge. We walked all the way around it, and it probably took a half an hour to do just that. Otherwise, there are a lot of retaurants and department stores, and other such nonsense. We did veer into Kabukicho for a second, but by daylight it was rather harmless, just a bunch of pachinko parlors and pedestrians, though I'm pretty certain I did see one host, though I didn't see any host clubs (or signs)...and believe me, I was looking. So, overall, I wasn't nearly so awed by Shinjuku as I have been by pretty much everywhere else I've been, so I doubt I'll be going there to idle away my days. Anywho, I'll post some pics soon, though I didn't take many. Catch you cats later.

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