Thursday, September 10, 2009

Forgot to Mention

Hey there! So I forgot the reason I made yesterday's post in the first place. You see, there was an exhibition here this past weekend showcasing interesting new items that will be on sale for the coming Christmas season, and one of them was the toilet flush sound machine. Now, let me explain. About a decade or so ago, women started getting embarrassed when people could hear them going to the bathroom in public restrooms, so they made a habit of flushing the toilet as they go, over and over and over, which is a big waste of water. Some bathrooms put in buttons that make the sound without actually flushing the toilet, and that cut down the problem a lot, but still, this past weekend at the exhibition, a new advance has been made for embarrassed pee-ers. It's about the size and shape of a camera, with a cutesy design on the front, and when you push a button on it, it makes a toilet flushing sound for you. Weird huh? Another thing to mention is that they do have peanut butter here, and marshmallows, and a whole canteloupe costs $22. Crazy huh? Iced coffee is also a very popular drink, and mostly comes in milk carton like containers, and you refrigerate it, pouring it over ice to serve. Also, they don't have normal washclothes like us, but tend to use these things that are halfway like a brillo pad. Not super comfortable. Well anyways, that's all for now, but I'd like to share my current favorite commercial that's airing on TV right now.

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