Monday, September 14, 2009

Japanese TV

Japanese TV is funny. Sometimes funny ha-ha, most times funny peculiar. Most of the shows aren't dramas (those usually run on the 9:00 PM time schedules and only once a week), but rather are like variety shows, most of which focus on quizzes and tests of intelligence (at least the ones in the evening are). The other variety shows are sort of like a mix between variety shows and daytime talk shows. They usually have a panel of six or so hosts, none of whom do anything but comment, and the bulk of the show is no-name reporters going to do random specials on random things (Japanese-inspired products you find abroad, Koi fish, an old couple that lives in the mountains, etc), and then the hosts watch it (with their pics in the upper right hand corner so you can see their reactions) and then they comment on the piece afterwards. It's my perception that they don't really showcase a lot of their own news (very little celebrity news here), and like to import clips from abroad (like scaretactics shows) that are premade for them to use. Also, most of the shows are run either by comedians or by what they call 'talents,' which really don't do a whole lot outside of these types of shows, but are famous because they are on a lot of them all the time. Like Daigo for example, he's the old Prime Minister's grandson, which got his foot in the door, and mostly he's just on these shows, though he is a singer now, and was in Love Shuffle. All the people that I count as real big stars are rarely ever on the TV programs, but are on practically every single one of the commercials. There's scarcely a cm where I don't know who the person is.

Also, a lot of their news features are either about food or clothes. At least one food item/segment pops up on every show. Besides that, the only two major news stories that they've been rehashing every day are about this one actress and her husband who have been caught for taking drugs and are going to do hard time for it. (They have a 10 yr. old son). And the other major story that you hear about non stop, is about the new Prime Minister that is due to take office here in two days. His name is Yukio Hatoyama, and every move he makes ends up on the TV. It reminds me of when Barack took office. Here's a pic (
Anyways, just thought I'd blurb about that. Anyway, talk to y'all later.

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