Saturday, July 3, 2010

Catching Up

Hey there guys! Sorry I haven't posted in ages. I've been so busy the last few weeks that I've been on the go with stuff to do everyday and haven't had time to write about anything. I updated with two days as you'll see below, and I have two more to do before I'm caught up, so those are to follow. We're in the countdown now, and my schedule is filling up fast with things to do. I leave on the 30th and it's going to be non-stop until then. I'll post as often as I can!

Also, for those coming back from Japan...

If you find that you've got too much stuff and not enough luggage to pack it in, you might consider shipping stuff home. If things are too heavy, it can get pretty pricey, but if you pack light boxes (and don't care if it takes a while getting to your home), it might be a great alternative to loading down your luggage. Here's the website for JapanPost, in English, and it tells you all you need to know about shipping stuff home, how much it costs, etc.

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