Sunday, January 10, 2010

AC Remote and getting to Narita

Hey there! So, I'm going to do this blog for people coming to Japan, so if you're just my friends/fam keeping up with me on here, this will be dull as dirt, but I have some links I want to delete from favorites, so I'm going to put all the info up on here real quick.

Ok, one of the many battles I've fought since coming here, was trying to figure out how to switch my AC to a heater once the cold weather finally hit. Before, all I had to do was hit the yellow button to turn the AC on or off, but the heater, being the same machine, was a bit more tricky to figure out, so I got on the Internet and found these things, which correspond to the buttons on my remote. I'm just going to go ahead and post them here.
エアコン(eakon) = air conditioner
運転モード(unten mo-do) = operation mode
暖房(danbou) = heating
冷房(reibou) = cooling
送風(soufuu) = air blasting
風向(kazamuki) = wind direction
風量(kazeryou) = air volume
午前(gogo) = a.m.
午後(gozen) = p.m.
おやすみ(oyasumi) = [good] night
運転(unten) = on, operation
停止(teishi) = off, stop
切換(kirikae) = switching, change
設定(settei) = configuration, setting
取消(torikeshi) = cancel
自動(jidou) = automatic
予約(yoyaku) = reservation
タイマー(taima-) = timer
温度(ondo) = temperature
時計(tokei) = clock
入(iri) = on, in
切(kiri) = off
もどる(modoru) = [go] back
すすむ(susumu) = [go] ahead
微(bi) = faint, very weak
弱(jaku) = weak
強(kyou) = strong
パワフル(pawafuru) = powerful

As far as getting to Narita airport, there are various different ways you can go. Most people, I think, use the NEX (the Narita Express), which is a train, though despite the name, it goes to other stops and beyond Narita airport, and I've been told that getting on the wrong one can be tricky. You can reserve tickets at Midoriguchi, found in select stations, and can get on some stations, though Shinjuku is your best bet. The NEX website has timetables. I find this route too confusing, so I would suggest not using it. Another option is using the Limo Bus. There are various areas it picks up and drops off (Cerulean Tower and Marks City in Shibuya), but these aren't always regular. The two above mentioned run every half hour. The best way to get there, I've found, is by using the TCAT station. On the Hanzomon line (the purple line), ride the train to Suitengumae (水天宮前). Once you get off, go all the way to the left exit and the signs will show you the way from there to the TCAT station (the signs have a plane on them). One you get to the 3rd floor, you'll see the counter and say 'Narita ma de' or probably just 'Narita' would work. From there it costs $29, which is the same as the NEX, and they have 3 stops: Terminal 2, Terminal 1 South and Terminal 1 North. If you're flying to America, you'll be in one of the Terminal 1 stops, but they are airline specific, so see whether it's north or south at Narita's website. Buses run every 10 min. at the TCAT station, starting at 6 am I think, and ending late. You give them your bags at the bus, and they give you a ticket, which you give back when you get off to get your stuff back. And that's it. Coming from the airport, you find a limo bus booth out of Immigration's exit and say where you want to get to and the ticket is $30 and you line up at your bus stop and get on. Anyway, hope that was helpful!

PS. Got the AC info from:
This one's also good:

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