Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Much Going On

Heya there everyone! So, as the title suggests, there's not much going on over my way right now. After the fun-filled weekend last weekend, I finally got a chance to rest and catch up on homework, but naturally, I didn't catch up on homework, or really rest. I started a new drama you see, a Taiwanese one called Bump Off Lover, and it's a murder mystery and I'm hooked. I've been staying up 'til all hours of the night watching it, so I'm sleep deprived and behind, but oh well. The heck with it I say! I'm two eps from the end, and hopefully I'll finish it tonight. Oh, and as you can see, I sort of changed the blog's layout for the season. Just wanted to make it a little more festive. Hope you guys like.

In other news, in class yesterday we watched an entire 30 min. program about chopsticks and I learned that 40% of the world eats with their hands, 30% with spoons and forks, and the other 30% with chopsticks. I was astounded that chopsticks are equal with forks. So, I was supposed to go out to Disney Sea today, but that plan didn't work out, so I've got class and errands. I am going to a indie VK band's concert tomorrow with Katy (the band is The Kiddie), and I'm rather excited about that. It should be lots of fun. They were the openers for Alice Nine at that concert a few weekends ago. I also ordered my Xmas cake from the local bakery. It's square with chestnuts flavoring and has a santa and a choo-choo train on it amid other baubles. I'll take pictures when we get it. It appears that somehow I've got myself roped into making my host family's Christmas Cake. Great, no pressure there!

And lastly I just want to say to my dear friends who are reading and who I've been neglecting (you know who you are), that I'm sorry I fail to e-mail you and keep in touch. Yes, I fail. I'll understand if you hate me, but I hope you won't. Just know that I love you still and miss talking to you and I haven't forgotten about you even 1%.

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