Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thanksgiving

Happy belated Turkey day to all you Yankees out there. So, as the Japanese don't celebrate the landing of the pilgrims in America (can't understand why not), I was forced to create my own festive atmosphere here, having to fight off impending gloom over spending a very American holiday surrounded by not-American-people. As a result, and to right off the aforementioned gloom, I took a trip out to Grandberry Mall, bought some cups I've been eyeing since I got here, two magazines and then, to be actually somewhat festive, went to see Disney's "A Christmas Carol" in 3D. I would very eagerly recommend that everyone see it, preferrably in 3D, though I will admit it is too scary for small children or people with heart conditions. I really enjoyed it and for 97 min. I was almost able to believe in the possibility of an American Christmas (or at least to be reminded that there are people out there who know how to celebrate it right). Oh the wreaths, the carolers, the chestnuts on the open fire. Reminds me of home. As you can see, I'm wishing I got to spend the holiday back in the ole U S of A. But really, the movie was very good, very close to the original story and super awesome in 3D. The only damper on the experience was the fact that instead of getting to hear Jim Carrey, Cary Elwes, Colin Firth and Gary Oldman, I had to hear gruff-voiced Japanese men dubbing over it. Oh yes, it was all in Japanese. Luckily I know the story well enough that I could more or less tune them out (as I am wont to do when my brain gets tired). Well anyways, I hope you are all having a fantabulous holiday, eating all the turkey your heart desires and pumpkin pie too. Happy Thanksgiving!

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