Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today's Alice Nine Member: Saga

Hello everyone! Well, the time has come to finish out the set, so it's on to Saga. As I said before, I know very little about Saga, so this post might be a bit short, but I'll give it my best! Saga is the bassist and backup vocalist for alice nine. Saga was born June 24, 1982, which means that he is currently 27 years old and the second youngest in the band. Saga's real name is Sakamoto Takashi and has said that his childhood hero was actually father (which doesn't seem to me to fit his character, but what do I know). He has one pet, a sixteen year old dog named Chiko that he loves dearly and with whom he recently did a photoshoot. Originally, when he began music, he learned guitar but later switched to bass which is his claim to fame. A few of Saga's hobbies include walking Chiko, playing baseball and, you guessed it, drinking. The latter hobby serves as a tie of friendship between him and Nao, as they often go out drinking together. In fact, Saga was the member who gave Nao the nickname Pooh because he says now looks like Pooh bear when he sleeps. What Saga brings to the band is, as the other members readily admit, the bands sex appeal (and he makes up for the lack of flashy displays from the other members with ample displays of his own). Saga also adds that Jrock feel of the almost otherworldly, too cool rockstar, and of course his look only furthers that feel. While Saga can often ham it up, and be taken as a bit...odd (at least that's my view), he is also prone to mood swings of inspiration and melancholic mystery, which is undoubtedly his draw for many fans. Despite his not being my favorite, I do have to give him some props for being the creator of quite a few of alice nine's songs, and certainly I will concede that the band would not be nearly so VK without him. Today's video somehow seems to fit Saga's off-in-space moments, so I'd like you to enjoy the beautiful "Ruri no Ame" (incidentally my fav outfits for them).


  1. I love the band bios! =)

  2. Saga is the best ♥♥

    i love him even when he looks skinny :D

  3. Saga is pure awesoness <3 ;w;

    I love the bios you write btw :3

  4. Wow, I'm glad people like this stuff! I'm suprised anyone's reading this at all! Yay!