Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today's Alice Nine Member: Nao

Okay, so, in honor of Nao-sama's 29th birthday (no way on earth he actually looks his age), he is our first featured alice nine member, and he gets an entry all to himself. Nao was the creator of the band, alice nine, and before being in a9, was actually part of a band called Fatima for two years. Not only is he the creator of the band, but he is also the leader and the oldest. Nao was born July 31, 1980 as Murai Naoyuki (Naoyuki being his first name). He led a band in high school before moving on to bigger and better things, and in fact played bass in a band called Rush before finally settling on his current instrument, which is drums. While certainly not acting as the most mature member of the group, Nao is undoubtedly an integral part to what keeps Alice Nine together, showing his love for his fellow bandmates and helping them smooth over any differences that might crop up. The love between them has won Nao such nicknames as Winnie the Pooh and Pooh san for his general, blundering optimism. Nao has come to be known by his favorite, and often used, Japanese emoticon: (´┏_┓`).

Despite being the oldest member, Nao just barely scrapes by being the shortest, beating Hiroto by a mere three inches which puts him at around 170 cm. At heart, Nao is nothing more than an anime nerd (an otaku) and freely admits to spending his days off in Akihabara, the electronic mecca of Tokyo, home to any anime or manga merchandise one could ever hope to find. Somewhat surprisingly, Nao has quite a taste for ardent spirits and has a treasured black goblet that he uses to enjoy his drinks in, tasting only of the finest and most expensive liquors. The only love he bears greater than that felt for his fans would assuredly be his unrelenting passion for Starbucks coffee, or any coffee drink in general, and the evidence of which is often to be seen on his blog. While being an outstanding drummer, what Nao really brings to the band is his never failing smile and his pure, unpretentious good naturedness.

Today's video is the alice nine video that most fits my perception of Nao's personality: Shunkashuutou.

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