Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today's word of the day is: Ureshii, which means happy. Why? Because I just got back from Alice Nine's last concert on this, their "Reason of Geometry" tour. And while I won't give you the blow-by-blow of this concert, because you're probably tired of hearing concert details, I will say that 1) Tora sang a song (something no one ever thought he would do), 2) I got to hear them play "Q" live (which I never thought would happen since it's older an not a hit, making that a highlight of... my life) and 3) they made their announcement.

Since the tail end of March, the Alice Nine official homepage has had a countdown leading to tonight, when there would be a big announcement. There for a while, a lot of us were thinking it might be a breakup (from how the guys were acting [reminiscent and what not]), but in fact, it was the best news you could imagine. Of course, as expected, there's a new album coming out in August, and a tour starting at in July that will run for four months, into October (which is impressive in and of itself. But then came the big news, the big suprise. The tour finale for the new tour, will be at... the Nippon Budokan! Everyone there tonight was so happy, applauding, crying, calling out congrats. It was all anounced one the curtain had fallen on the concert (literally), and was a video that told us all. Now, if you aren't into Jrock, you might not understand what a big deal this is. The Nippon Budokan is the Madison Square Garden of Japan/Tokyo. Like the Royal Albert Hall of London, the Sydney Opera House of Australia (I think). Only the best of the best can fill the Budokan. Because Visual Kei is still a young, growing genre, not many VK bands ever achieve enough success to merit having a concert at the Budokan, it would set them back financially. The Gazette (who has 2 days booked there in July), and a few others are exceptions. But Alice Nine has never been popular enough for their company, PS Company, to play there. By playing at the Budokan, it shows that Alice Nine has finally made it as a band, in a big way. After five long, hard years, they've finally achieved what so few in their business can. And I am so happy for them. A9, congrats!!

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