Monday, March 22, 2010


What ho there everyone! So yet again, I've been slacking in my blogging duties. Lately I've been busy with a myriad of both good and bad events. First of all, a lady in my tea class died just the other day, which was rather upsetting as she was a lovely lady and it came as quite a shock to us all. Also, I underwent my first noticeable earthquake. It took place two prefectures up from Tokyo (sorta like states), and registered as a 6 on the scale I think, though it was strong enough here to shake the clothes in my closet. Suffice it to say, it was thoroughly unsettling and I'm hoping it won't happen again, though, as Japan is prone to earthquakes, I'm probably wishing
in vain.

On the more positive side of things, the neighbor lady's twins (3 yrs. old) have started taking hour long classes with my host dad, learning the basics like 1+1=2, sharing, not hitting, etc., and I've been enlisted to sit in on the class and act as English teacher. So far we've learned animals and nature terms. Really, more than anything I'm acting as babysitter than teacher, but they're good, fun kids so it's all good. Plus I get lunch out of it everyday. Also in good news, I went to
Alice Nine's first concert on their new tour and... they gave us all a special treat by playing a
song they're still in the process of recording in the studio. All I can say is, it has the potential to be my new favorite. As always, the concert was great, and because the venue was small, the sound was loud and pretty much awesome. Also, because it was their first tour performance in some time, all the guys were absolutely jazzed, which made the concert all the more fun. And, unlike in the other concerts I've been to, each one took time out to talk to the audience. So, to keep from boring you, I'll stop there by saying it was freaking great.

The aforementioned concert was in a place called Kawasaki which is actually not in Tokyo, but to the south of it, and the easiest way to get there is to use the Tokaido line. HOWEVER, this train is not like other trains and very nearly threw me for a loop. What I didn't realize was that the Tokaido line is used mainly for people who are going WAY out of Tokyo, and because of this, most of the cars are reserved seating (kinda like the Bullet Train), and you have to have a special ticket. The regular train is only in the first 3 or 4 cars, while all the rest are specially reserved. It even had a few double-decker cars. Very strange. It got me all confused. So, to those using the Tokaido line, beware, or rather be aware.

Lastly, I'm going the day after tomorrow to pick up my kimono, so that should be fun. I won't promise to update soon, but if anything interesting befalls me, I shall. I seem to be lazy nowadays so I don't want to promise anything. And I promise to take some more pictures pretty soon. The Cherry Blossoms are just about to bloom and then there will be an influx of pictures, I promise. Until then, check out the new song I'm obsessed with at the moment. It's by a Korean boy band called Beast/B2st, who I'm assuming are popular with the younguns, though I'm so out of touch with Kpop these days, I really am not sure. And you might have noticed I changed the layout again. I thought I'd make it fit the colors/feel of A9's new tour, "Reason of Geometry," plus I was getting bored of the blue and yellow. Well, until later, Ciao!

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