Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, my sister finally got in and we went to the Ghibli Museum, but I wanted to blog real quick about at thing I went to the other day with a friend called Borochi. Borochi is a super huge, super huge flea market held at the Kamimachi stop in Setagaya-ku and it's held only twice a year: Dec. 15-16 and Jan. 15-16 and people come from miles and miles around to go to it, from sun up to sun down and later. There are high school bands that play and march down the street, and lots and lots of food stalls ranging from yakisoba to takoyaki to regional stuff from as far off as, I believe, Okinawa. You can find anything from kimonos, to pottery to mounted tiger's heads, turtles and household shrines. I would encourage people to go if they have a chance, but warn you to go early (like 9 or 10 am), as the street soon becomes so packed that you're floating along in a sea of people, unable to get out. It's like a busy Shinjuku train, but you can find some really cool stuff!

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